Keep it Simple; Make it Work.™

Rivershark Inc is made up of four main business units.

The first is providing marketing and development of web-based applications for non-profits and medium-sized groups. The second is a youth sporting event production, providing a comprehensive web-based operations management center from marketing through advertising to Real-Time scores and photos under the brand TourneyCentral.com.

The third is a small publishing imprint that provides print books for writers, artists and anyone who wants to leave a legacy to future generations. We operate as SharktoothPress.

The fourth is a "greenhouse" operation, which cultivates and nurtures “off-the-wall” ideas under the brand Ideacrankers.

A common thread among the four business units is an incorporation of the internet within the operations, marketing and fulfillment functions.

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TourneyCentral | SharktoothPress | Henry Street Studios