What does Rivershark do?

The first thing people do when they hear our name or see our logo is smile.

We like that.

The second thing they do is furrow their brow and ask, “What does Rivershark do?”

In a nutshell, we do fun stuff with technology. But, you probably want to know more, so here it is.

Rivershark Inc is made up of four main business units.

The first is providing marketing and development of web-based applications for non-profits and medium-sized groups.

The second is a youth sporting event production, providing a comprehensive web-based operations management center from marketing through advertising to Real-Time scores and photos under the brand TourneyCentral.com.

The third is a small publishing imprint that provides print books for writers, artists and anyone who wants to leave a legacy to future generations. We operate as SharktoothPress.

The fourth is a “greenhouse” operation, which cultivates and nurtures “off-the-wall” ideas under the brand Ideacrankers.

A common thread among the four business units is an incorporation of the internet within the operations, marketing and fulfillment functions.

Our brands are available here.

Here at Rivershark, we’re all about having fun with technology. We think our brands reflect the kind of whimsy that most people wish they had, but find it hard to express in business. So, it is our life calling to do it for them. Never uptight about hardly anything, but obsessively serious about the pursuit of excellence in everything we do.

Keep it Simple; Make it Work.™ is not just a company slogan; it’s the only way we know how to do business.