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Gerard McLean, President/CEO of Rivershark, Inc. can now officially claim he “kicks ass” as his blog, has been included in the Egos section of the popular magazine-style web site The RSS feed for McLean’s blog can be found at Additionally, you can see what other blogs McLean read by visiting his MyAlltop page at

“It’s like being invited to the ‘cool kids’ table in the lunch room even if it is at the end of the table,” McLean jokes. “I’ve been writing content on the Internet long before it was known as ‘blogging.’ If my writing helps people make better decisions about something, that’s great. helps me potentially help more people.”

McLean’s blog contains a mix of thought leadership on topics such as branding, social media use in trade associations, marketing and an occasional rant on issues he is passionate about.

“I care about issues that leave this planet a better place than I found it,” says McLean. McLean also edits the popular as his alter-ego dog which appears on under Pets.

Rivershark, Inc. is a closely-held Ohio Corporation dedicated to cultivating and building brands that take advantage of technology and satisfy a need for human whimsy. It was formed in 1995 and is headquartered in Englewood, Ohio, with offices in Brooklyn NY, Minneapolis MN and Aalborg Denmark. The web address is