Dayton leads region in social media adopters

DAYTON – Internet entrepreneur Jeff Pulver strode, or rather, “surfed” his way into Dayton on Sunday, Aug. 22, as part of a road trip promoting’s event Oct. 20 in Detroit. About two dozen emergent media/social networking and technology denizens met Pulver for a “meet and greet” at Blind Bob’s, 430 E. Fifth St. in Dayton.

“Detroit will show everything we do,” Pulver said summing up what he hoped the Dayton stop would help accomplish.

At Blind Bob’s Pulver was met by Gary Lietzell, Mayor of Dayton, who presented Pulver with a special proclamation from the city. Lietzell hoped that Pulver’s visit would help “Tell the world about us,” and would entrench his commitment to emergent technology and social networking that he pushed during his run for Mayor in 2009.

“I embraced it during my campaign,” Lietzell said of social networking.

Pulver, the Chairman and Founder of, is on a week-long trip that will see him traverse the Midwest well ahead of the Detroit event, to be held at The Fillmore Detroit. He has testified before Congress on the importance of social media, and has been a key shaper in the Federal Communications Commission’s efforts on Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) development and its public policy implications.

Many in Pulver’s audience at Blind Bob’s were either using laptops or hand-held devices displaying the vision of’s “Exploring the State of Now.” Many followed Pulver’s trip from Columbus, where held a similar event to the one in Dayton, to Dayton via an Ustream feed. Pulver had promised an Ustream or similar feed of his entire Midwest trip.

When asked why he chose Dayton, Pulver proudly stated, “Because when we announced our plans for the trip, Dayton was the first to shout out ‘Please stop.’”

His two-hour event in Dayton was then followed up by a similar event in Cincinnati before he traveled to Indiana on Monday. His trip culminates in Detroit on Saturday, Aug. 28.

Dayton is home to several social media groups, including New Media Dayton (NMD) led by Carole Baker. NMD is an organization that coordinates speakers and regular meet up between social media and business groups in and around the Dayton Area. Another group that has adopted social media tools is Dayton Most Metro (DMM) led by Bill Pote. DMM strives to be the central source of all things happening in Dayton.

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Social Media 140Conf Road Trip to make stop over in Dayton, Ohio

DAYTON – Blind Bob’s in the Oregon District of Dayton, Ohio will be hosting Jeff Pulver, Internet celebrity and 140 Character Conference organizer this coming Sunday. Dayton was selected early on as one of the stop-over cities by Pulver during his road trip leading up to the Detroit 140conf in October, 2010.

The Meet Up is scheduled for August 22 from 3:00-5:00pm. Attendees work in many fields of interest, including technology, youth sports tournaments, photography, journalism and business. The list of attendees is available on line, in real time at

According to Pulver, he tweeted out a request several weeks ago for places to stop on his road trip. Several dozen local Dayton twitterers replied back with pleas to stop in Dayton. Within minutes, Pulver decided that Dayton, Ohio was on his 140conf Road Trip map.

Dayton is home to a growing community that uses social media for personal communication and business. Social media includes Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, blogs and various other community web sites and Internet tools. Leading the charge in the Dayton Area is a group known as New Media Dayton which hosts regular “tweet ups” at local restaurants.

For more information about the Dayton 140conf Road Trip, including a short welcome video by Blind Bobs, visit

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Jeff Pulver is the Chairman and Founder of, and one of the true pioneers of the VoIP industry and a leader in the emerging TV on the Net industry. Leveraging well over a decade of hands-on experience in Internet/IP communications and innovation, Mr. Pulver is a globally renowned thought leader, author and entrepreneur. He is the organizer for the 140 Character Conference.

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