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The #DadCool dad is a cool dad, but not a cool dad… not really. A #DadCool dad is north of 50, has grown kids who love him and love to hang out with him, but not. He thinks he’s cool because he has the TikTok and the Instagram all figured out. He knows who Cardi B is but still thinks Britney is a thing.

The #DadCool dad has his own hashtag. He knows how to do video on LinkedIn. He has more than 123 apps on his phone, but still calls it a cell phone. He dials phone numbers and wishes you would call him instead of texting, “yup” …

Your lack of punctuation in texts confuses him. He likes only nine emojis.

A #DadCool dad wrote this page on his blog site and thinks it’s hip and cool. You just smile and agree with your #DadCool dad.

#DadCool dads get t-shirts to show how dadcool they are.

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