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Rivershark Inc. accepts new clients by referral only. Email inquires directly to us will not be answered. You are invited to read our blog if you are curious about what makes us tick.

To contact us at Rivershark, please visit the brands you are interested in and use the contact forms provided on their sites.

If you would like to send money (as in pay an invoice), please use:

Rivershark Inc.
PO Box 6
Englewood, OH 45322

If you would like to ship us an insane amount of chocolate or other edibles, please use:

Rivershark Inc.
116 W. National Rd, Unit 6
Englewood, OH 45322

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Special note for college students:
If you are a college student writing a paper on graphic design, social media, Internet, websites or anything else we do, please send us a detailed questionnaire that is a minimum of 45 pages long and we will return it to you with complete answers — along with MLA citations — no sooner than 378 days from the date it is postmarked.

Thank you.