Rivershark, Inc. sells TICO Score

Rivershark, Inc. announced today that it has sold the controlling interest of the soccer tournament brand TICO Score to a group of individual soccer enthusiasts based in Troy, Dayton and Oxford, Ohio. The amount and terms of the sale were not disclosed. The new entity will be known simply as TICO Score.

“We’re all about developing brands that take on a life of their own,” says Gerard McLean, president and CEO of Rivershark, Inc. “While it is emotionally difficult to let a brand go, it is also very exciting to see it stand on its own in the marketplace.”

The TICO Score brand has been in development under the Rivershark banner since 2004 when it became clear the soccer tournament market needed a quick, reliable and consistent way to rank the quality and participant satisfaction of youth soccer tournaments. TICO Score is loosely based on the familiar FICO Score format that banks and financial institutions use for determining credit-worthiness.

As part of the deal, Rivershark server infrastructure, intellectual and technical resources will be available to TICO Score for an additional two years. Rivershark will retain a small, undisclosed equity stake in the brand.

For more information on TICO Score, visit www.ticoscore.com. For more information on Rivershark, Inc and its brands, including the soccer tournament management system, visit www.rivershark.com.