TourneyCentral facilitates tournament partnership at the 2008 NSCAA Convention

Four tournaments, the Novi Jaquar Invitational, the adidas Warrior Soccer Classic, the Pikes Peak Invitational and the Veterans Invitational will be showing at the 2008 NSCAA Convention January 17-19, 2008 in Baltimore, Maryland.

The collaborative effort was an initiative by TourneyCentral to expand the tournament presence within the trade.

“Tournaments of this caliber NEED to establish a presence at the NSCAA,” says Gerard McLean, Principle at TourneyCentral. “A booth at the largest soccer trade show in the US tells the marketplace that you are serious and have reached a certain level of sophistication.”

The tournaments have been placed in booth 2724 which is a corner booth.

“Great placement,” adds McLean. “They will do well and the goal is to expand out the tournament presence. Long-term, I hope every tournament we do eventually shows at the NSCAA. We’ll help them get here.”

TourneyCentral will be showing at the NSCAA in their own expanded booth, 2813, which is an endcap placement on a cross-roads aisle. Mead Cup, another TourneyCentral tournament will also be showing in their own booth, 2803 and have been at the NSCAA for the past 4 years.