TourneyCentral and Dayton Daily News to present a hyper-localism workshop at the 2008 NSCAA

TourneyCentral announced today that it has arranged to present a workshop, in collaboration with the Dayton Daily News ( on soccer organizations and hyper-localism.

Hyper-localism is the practice of reporting news stories that happening in your own neighborhoods and backyards. Club soccer is hyper-local for most newspapers and the soccer public demands coverage. Yet reporters are spread thin covering other hyper-local stories so soccer typically gets ignored.

“This workshop is the examination of a year-long hyper-local experiment whereby TourneyCentral provides and other local Cox Ohio newspaper sites with rich human interest stories related to the tournaments it hosts in southwest Ohio,” says Gerard McLean, Principle at TourneyCentral. “We hope the the participants will walk away with a game-plan on working with your local newspapers to get the media coverage their soccer organization needs and deserves.”

The content appears on all Cox Ohio newspaper web sites, but most prominently at

The workshop will be held on Friday, January 18 at 10:30am and presented jointly by Ray Marcano, Internet General Manager with Cox Ohio and Gerard McLean.