Soccer tournament blog for tournament directors launched announces the release of the Soccer Tournament Knowledge Blog titled The web site will contain articles of interest for soccer tournament directors who are looking to stay abreast of the latest trends and best practices of the soccer tournament industry. The blog will allow posting by industry experts on topics ranging from marketing a tournament, to scheduling and managing a housing program. Tournament directors will also be able to post feedback on the articles.

“The soccer tournament industry is becoming more of a ‘business’ and less of a volunteer ‘club’,” claims Gerard McLean, President of Rivershark, Inc. the parent company of “We intend to be the leaders in providing knowledge and industry intelligence for the soccer tournament industry as it matures.”

The blog is the third part of the overall business strategy that is building as the experts in the tournament market. Established in 1999, previous efforts of TourneyCentral have been placed in developing the category-killer software, TournamentTrak™ – that helps tournament directors market, plan and execute their events – as well as developing key staffing positions in sales, development and support.