TourneyCentral and Cox Ohio Newspaper team up

TourneyCentral and the Cox Ohio Newspaper websites have teamed up, bringing you information about your local tournaments, teams and players … and they make it very easy to boot!

At all your local Cox Ohio Newspaper websites, navigating to soccer from under the Sports category, the information is proudly displayed free of charge to anyone who is interested in their local soccer world. Information being displayed such as upcoming tournaments to local soccer news to blurbs on local teams, all included with photos to allow you to see some of the action. Worldwide soccer information is also posted to the site which allows you to stay on top of everything, from your backyard to places around the world.

Gerard McLean, President of Rivershark Inc. the parent company of says,”We’re excited about theÊ possibilities for market exposure we can give our tournament events. Every event has dozens of stories of an intense human nature that never make the Metro Edition of the newspaper. A web-based tool on the Cox Ohio Newspaper sites enables each tournament to put a ‘human face’ on their event. We can’t wait to start telling these stories.”

The exciting part to this is the simplicity to stay connected. Individual stories at every soccer tournament can be found here. Stories of teams, players, families and their unique history can be shared online and up-to-date. It truly is a great blend of media types. A system like this is the next best thing for those who couldn’t make the games or the tournaments. Those family members back home, or parents on business trips, or overseas with our military.

This partnership of TourneyCentral and Cox Ohio Newspaper will allow these people to follow their tournament, club, team(s) or player(s) over the internet in a game by game fashion. Through the newspaper sites, they can navigate to the desired tournament site, and see scores, up coming games, photos, and even will be able to send messages to a player or team from home or around the world, allowing those who are away, to be as close as possible.

Previous stories of local events can be found at