Kingham Joins TourneyCentral

TourneyCentral announces another addition to its outstanding staff, John Kingham. Kingham, the Referee Coordinator, will focus on clients issues with the referee assignment tools.

Kingham brings experience from both refereeing and TourneyCentral, which makes his addition a smooth one. Kingham’s refereeing background starts off with a solid 20 years of field work, giving him a firm grasp on the “language” of referees. Kingham moved to assigning referees to events. Kingham has 8 years under him with assigning and continues on. In 2003, Kingham got ahold of the TourneyCentral assigning tools and held on. With the knowledge Kingham now has with the TourneyCentral product, he will be able to aid customers to the full extent of what the product can provide.

“I am excited to continue working with TourneyCentral and referees, and I’m excited to teach how the Product works” says Kingham. “It’s a great tool, it’s a great process … with the education I have with the tools, I’m looking to be the go to guy for any questions. Any tournament can contact me with any questions that arise about the process, and I want to stress this. With what I know and what I’ve done, I can make it happen.”

“John brings a new dimension to the TourneyCentral product and team, especially focusing on the Refereeing tools. I’ve been in contact with John for a long time now, and I know this addition to TourneyCentral will be a good one. With him focusing on the Referee tools, it leaves TourneyCentral with a little more time for developing new products,” says Gerard McLean, President of Rivershark Inc. the parent company of, “which is a plus.”

–John Kingham can be contacted at:
— (937)-477-4748