Youth Soccer Tournament Marketing Series Released

Today, TourneyCentral released the first two white papers in a sequence of studies named the Youth Soccer Tournament Marketing Series. The series consists of industry studies commissioned by TourneyCentral to analyze data and trends provided by fourteen of their youth soccer tournaments from the period of 1999 to 2003.

An independent marketing firm analyzed the number of teams, players, referees, coaches and cumulative number of tournaments in order to provide the conclusions presented in each paper of the series.

The first paper, Managing Youth Tournament: Scoring With Advertising, looks at web traffic to the Travel and Entertainment search database featured on every web site.

The second white paper in the series, Managing Youth Tournaments: Attracting Teams and Keeping Them Loyal examines the results of a survey from an aggregate of the tournament web sites produced by TourneyCentral.

“Tournament directors have the tools to produce a significant amount of revenue for their events through the use of real-time, proactive tools not possible without a sophisticated, mature web site,” claims says Gerard McLean, President of Rivershark Tournaments, Inc., the parent company of

Both of the white papers give tournament directors a sense of the value that a well-managed, integrated Internet-based advertising program can give their event.

The papers are available at no charge via the links: