Version 3.0 TournamentTrak™ Software Released

Version 3.0 of the TournamentTrak™ software was released today by, the premier Soccer Tournament web cast and production company, based in Englewood (Dayton), OH.

“This version is an entire re-write from the ground up”, says Gerard McLean, President of Rivershark Tournaments, Inc., the parent company of “It incorporates a lots of the features we have been giving our tournament events for the past several years. Many of these features were developed and tested by the events live during their tournaments.”

Among the many features of TournamentTrak™ v3.0 are:
Tight integration of a teams record, from marketing, through application and then through competition.
More end-user control over news items such as weather updates and scoring.
More flexible standings generation
A more robust database back-end based on MySQL
A “beefier” advertising and invoicing system
End-user error checking on applications
A RFP-style hotel tool that gives teams more control over searching for a hotel
A game-by-game acceptance system for referees
A robust email-based communication system that tracks all outgoing and incoming communication in one central team record (TeamTrak™)
Flexible admin-user control over separate modules, i.e., some volunteers have access ONLY to advertising or referees while others have global access
“Our software is designed to give the tournament director more time by managing all the administration details that are involved in running an event. By creating software that integrates all the administrative tasks in one place, the web site becomes the ‘Operations Hub’, allowing the director to focus on better competition on the pitch.”

TournamentTrak™ v3.0 will be rolled out to the tournaments as they become due to accept teams. Among the tournaments using the new version are the adidas Warrior Soccer Classic, The OHIO F.C. Nike Challenge Cup, Troy Strawberry Festival Soccer Invitational and the Arsenal Challenge Cup.